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Brown trout and Sea trout
Orkney, Scotland

The Orkney Trout Fishing Association is a non-profit making voluntary body dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of game fishing throughout the Orkney Islands. At a time when natural habitats are under continual threat and pressure, the continuation of the OTFA's work is of paramount importance to both local and visiting anglers to ensure that the rich heritage of Orkney trout fishing has a future as bright as its past.

More information about the OTFA and trout fishing in Orkney can be found on the association website


Permission & Tickets

Membership of the OTFA is the most active way for the individual angler to support the essential work of conservation and preservation of the trout fishing in Orkney.
For a nominal sum of money, local and visiting anglers may use all the facilities of the association and also ensure the future of some of the best wild trout fishing available.

More information about becoming a member can be found on the association website

Contact Details

Orkney Trout Fishing Association

Malcolm Russell

Caolila,, Heddle Road, Orkney, KW17 2EG, Scotland

01856 761586

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