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Loch of Swannay

managed by Orkney Trout Fishing Association

High alkalinity Very shallow Moderate shoreline complexity Low elevation Large
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The peat stained waters of Swannay, the most northerly of the mainland lochs, hold some of the highest quality trout in the county, but it is probably the most enigmatic of lochs with long periods of inactivity making it very dour, but on its day it can provide spectacular sport.

The earlier part of the season gives the best chance of finding Swannay fish feeding and while fish can be taken on a floating line, the use of a sinking line in various densities on the day will vastly increase your chances. Mid to late season is generally regarded as the time for dry fly tactics but the sport largely depends on the appearance of wind blown terrestrials like the Daddy, Cow Dung, and the Heather Fly. Wading can be productive but not widely practiced due to the difficulty in staying upright, the stones and rocks underfoot are extremely slippery. For best results boat fishing is recommended but be warned there are many shallow skerries on Swannay that are invisible due to the water colour so extreme caution is recommended while motoring.

The Swannay fish enjoy a varied diet including: shrimp, snails, daphnia, sticklebacks, midge, caenis, sedge, and terrestrials; including cowdungs, daddies, and heather flies.

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