Loch Neldricken
Loch Neldricken

Galloway Forest Park, Scotland

About this water

Brown trout
OS Grid Ref: NX 44707 82983
Latitude: 55.11683699166
Longitude: -4.43643715776

Loch Neldricken lies to the South-East of Merrick.

This loch, like others in the area, suffered from acidification and its resident browns disappeared altogether in the 70's.
Netting surveys in the 80's were unsuccessful, but further emission laws later that decade saw the loch starting to show signs of a recovery. Trout have taken advantage of further improvements in water quality and are now well established.

It'll take a good hour to walk up to Neldricken from the car park at Glen Trool, the first part of the journey being the most arduous. The second half eases as you follow Garland Burn, which tumbles from the Western shore of Loch Valley. Passing Valley, cross the Mild Burn and you'll find yourself at the sinister-sounding Murder Hole. From here, start to fish and eventually you will stumble upon the Southern shore of Neldricken.

Pulling a size 12 claret muddler, on a broody overcast day, accompanied by a solid South-Westerly wind, has been a winning formula.
Be prepared to lose more fish than you hook. These fish are survivors and will perform acrobatics in order to avoid capture.

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Permission & Tickets

Permission isn't required for lochs situated high up in the Galloway National Park.

If you are uncertain please contact the Forestry Commission Scotland, you can find their details on the Galloway Forest Park page.

Please be aware that this is a natural resource and is still recovering from the effects of acidification. Remember to try and do your bit and return the fish to the water unharmed.

Contributed by

Steven Cook

Wind enthusiast, tippet collector and leader length obsessive. Steven knows only trout. His education was hindered by his lack of attention to anything that wasn't trout fishing. If you can find him he's usually at the front; over the furthest headland, bay or peninsula, pulling a team of wets and whistling the theme to The Littlest Hobo.

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