Cross Lochs
Cross Lochs

Forsinard, Scotland

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About this water

Brown trout
OS Grid Ref: NC 86900 46900
Latitude: 58.39583053584
Longitude: -3.9366155786

Leave the A897 at Grid reference 897510 follow the forestry track to park at Grid reference 861470. A 4×4 or vehicle with high clearance is required to negotiate the bumpy track. The first of the lochs is a short ten minute walk in an ENE direction. The Cross Lochs are a group of 5 small lochs so-called as their layout allegedly forms the shape of a Cross. Of the 5 lochs 3 are named and four are known to contain fish. Expect more blank than productive days though there is always the possibility of one for the ‘glass case’. The first loch is shallow and reedy and can be difficult to fish, though records indicate fish to 1.5lbs being caught. Travelling SE, Mac is the next loch, not a particularly inspiring loch, shallow and peaty in places, but a reputation of producing magnificent trout up to 6.5lbs! Continuing in a SE direction is Willy’s, probably the most productive loch with fish regularly caught up to 2lbs in weight with the occasional bigger fish. Willy’s is easy to wade and fish are caught all over the loch. The final loch is jubilee, quite a large loch, deep in parts and very fertile.  Surprisingly fish in the 12/14oz range can be caught in Jubilee but it is home to some seriously big trout. The majority of the loch is difficult to wade due to a soft bottom though the east bank is safe. The boat, located where the loch narrows on the northerly shore of Willy’s, is available to use on Jubilee also. It will require 2 fit anglers to pull the boat the 20m distance between the lochs and anglers must return the boat to Willy’s after use. For at least one angler aboard, waders are recommended when using a boat on any of the lochs, this is especially true on Willy’s where the boat will have to be pulled through shallow water at times. Please note that Jubilee is out of bounds due to nesting birds for a large part of the season (May-July).

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Permission & Tickets

Membership is open to all, with initial membership fees kept as low as possible, our emphasis on encouraging juniors members demonstrated by the free joining fee for under 18s. With no further cost following seasonal membership, the 41 lochs available for members to bank fish represent amazing value and fantastic variety. Boats are available for members on 10 lochs with a minimal charge applying.

There is a membership application form on the website.

Once you have received and payed for your membership, you can book fishing on each loch through the website.

Please note that all fishing must be booked using the club website, bookings can be made once payment has been received.

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