a stunning loch


Higher up the valley, above Yeoman Hey and sandwiched between Upperwood and Raven Stones, lies Greenfield Reservoir.

Steep sides mean there aren't as many opportunities to get your fly in the water. However the wall along the south bank is a good place to start. Trout patrol this wall picking off anything that falls into the water, so try and get your flies tight into the bank.
The inflow is another area to concentrate. There's an island of submerged rock about 12 feet out from the mouth of the inflow and fish love to hang round this structure.

There are fewer fish in Greenfield due to the restricted spawning opportunities, and the fish that are in this water have certainly been carried here as fry during the spring. However, low numbers mean a slightly increased average size. They also respond well to dry fly, unlike Yeoman Hey, and I suspect this is due to valley winds blowing hapless terrestrials to their demise from the natural amphitheatre of heather and grass that surrounds the water.

  • Saddleworth, England
  • Lake
  • Brown trout



Permission & Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online from the UpperWood Estate website .
You can also get a day ticket from The Premier store on Chew Valley Road in Greenfield.
Tickets can also be collected from Upperwood House, Holmfirth Rd, OL3 7NW

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