a stunning loch

Loch of Winyadepla

water managed by Shetland Anglers Association

Duration: 00:38 Distance: 2.7 km Ascent: 63.68m Difficulty: 37 / 100
High alkalinity Shallow Low shoreline complexity Low elevation Very small


It's only a 40 minute walk to Winyadepla from the parking at the end of the reservoir access road.
You'll find links to the walking and driving routes at the top of this page.
The driving route takes you to the start of the walking route and the place you can park.

On the way to Winyadepla you can fish around Skutes Water or, if you are itching to get to Winyadepla, on the way back. Either way, it's well worth a cast.

Winyadepla is small, shallow, alkaline and has limited spawning. All the indicators of a big fish water. Sitting high up on the sea cliff is a lovely place to blank, and that's what will happen. But don't let that put you off. If you hook a fish here, it'll be a good one.

Please remember to use barbless hooks and return all fish. Each fish in this water has the potential to be a fish of a lifetime. Let them go and let them grow.

We caught numerous very small fish in the pointed southern bay, and because we fished barbless, we could lower the rod tip, which helped them shake the flies without needing to be handled.

Another reason to fish barbless. These little guys are the future fish of a lifetime.

The water is small, and fishing pressure will affect your success. Our group was three, but I think two would have been better.

Pick a side, fish as meticulously as you can, lunch, then swap sides.

The fish will feed on the surface, and you will see them rising and crashing about. We fished hogs in and on the surface, and the 3lb fish took an Orkney Peach hog.

Wading can be tricky, but I'd approach it carefully and fish the margins thoroughly before stepping into the water. There are deep pockets of water in the margins formed by large boulders. The fish lie in the deep pocket of water, waiting for food to pass them by. The water clarity means you can easily see these underwater features and target them methodically.

Hold on tight!

  • Fetlar, Shetland
  • Lake
  • Brown trout



Permission & Tickets

Fishing permits can be purchased at either the Lerwick Tourist Office or the tackle shop, Rod and Line, which is in Harbour Street in Lerwick. The SAA organises a number of fishing competitions during the season running separate boat and bank leagues and the visiting angler will be made most welcome at these. Details will be supplied with your permit.

You can also buy a permit online from the Association's website.

Boats for hire – The Association has several boats for hire, and at present these are located at the following lochs – Loch of Benston, Loch of Asta, Loch of Northouse, Loch of Clousta, Loch of Tingwall, Sulma Water and Punds Water. These can change, but details of boat locations and hire can be got from the tackle shop.

Clubhouse – The SAA owns an unlicensed clubhouse, situated in Burns Lane in Lerwick, to which the visiting angler is most welcome. Hours of opening are from 8.30pm and 11.00pm on most Tuesdays and Fridays.

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