a stunning loch

Malham Tarn

water managed by The National Trust

High alkalinity (Marl) Very shallow Low shoreline complexity Mid elevation Large


Malham Tarn is a glacial lake near the village of Malham in the Yorkshire Dales, England. It is 377 metres above sea level, making it the highest marl lake in England. The lake is one of only eight upland alkaline lakes in Europe.

Its 150 acres of Marl bedrock are a perfect habitat for invertebrates which are prayed upon by a population of fast-growing large wild brown trout.

Traditional "loch style" fishing is successful, with long drifts being accomplished due to the relative overall shallowness of the tarn. A drogue and an electric outboard are now supplied with the boat hire, which will help as the tarn is exposed and making a slow steady drift can be difficult even in the lightest of winds.

The Tarn has the reputation of being England's best wild trout fishery. Not an easy place to catch but perseverance and patience can be rewarded with a fish of a lifetime.

  • Malham, Yorkshire, England
  • Lake
  • Brown trout and Perch



Permission & Tickets

Information about booking a boat and fishery rules can be found on the Friends of Malham tarn website.