a stunning loch

Angle Tarn

water managed by The National Trust

Low alkalinity Shallow Moderate shoreline complexity Mid elevation Very small


Resting between Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags, Angle tarn has significant character for a small water.
Two islands, a broken peninsula and a number of rock bays give this water its appeal.

You'll find good sized hard, fighting trout and a few exceptional ones in the mix. There are decent perch here too.

Dries or traditional wets work well. There are stories of evening rises and big trout engulfing sedges around the islands.

Park at Hartsop and go through the gate heading towards Hayeswater. Keep to the main path on the right as you go up to Hayeswater. When you get to Hayeswater, cross the Gill and head up the path going towards Satura Crag. As you come over Saturan Crag you'll see Angle Tarn on your left in the distance.

  • Lake District, England
  • Lake
  • Brown trout and Perch



Permission & Tickets

There is no information about permission, and in this case, I don't think that matters much. Just remember to take your rod licence.

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