Fishing Loch
Fishing Loch

Isle of Jura

About this water

Salmon and Sea trout
OS Grid Ref: NR 64126 88691
Latitude: 56.03285342281
Longitude: -5.78769813694
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OS map for this water 355 - Explorer
Jura & Scarba

The Ardlussa Fishing Loch is an impounding reservoir, created as a water supply for cattle on the estate, it is located 2 kilometres north of Lussagiven on a remote part of the Ardlussa Estate. The damming of the Lussa river in the 1900 created a loch that is long and narrow, stretching North to South.

Sea trout enter the system from June and have only a short journey into the loch from Lussa Bay, up the Lussa River.

The occasional salmon is caught from August onwards.

It's boat fishing only and there is only one boat. So you will need to book in advance. Unlike other lochs, Fishing Loch performs best in a Northerly or Southerly wind due to the loch's long, narrow contour.

Try drifting down the Easterly shore with a Dunkeld Muddler on the point and a Goats Toe on the dropper.
Don't be afraid to fish a bigger fly, an 8 and even a 6 will out perform smaller sizes in the right conditions.

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Steven Cook

Wind enthusiast, tippet collector and leader length obsessive. Steven knows only trout. His education was hindered by his lack of attention to anything that wasn't trout fishing. If you can find him he's usually at the front; over the furthest headland, bay or peninsula, pulling a team of wets and whistling the theme to The Littlest Hobo.

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